Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
  Bowie, Maryland

A History of Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity's historical roots date back to Maryland’s Queen Anne Parish in the 1600s. Holy Trinity was a “Chappell of Ease” until 1836 when it became a stand-alone parish. The church building as we know it today was constructed in 1836. In the span of 171 years (1836-2007) Holy Trinity has had 20 rectors.

Mary Duvall Ridgely Henderson is considered to be the founder of Holy Trinity. Besides providing land and resources for the church, she was the driving force that brought the congregation together. When she died in 1735, she was buried in a crypt that is underneath the present Holy Trinity church.

From 1958 until 1968 there was tremulous growth and advancement at our church. The large development of Levitt homes during that time lead to a population explosion in Bowie. Church membership grew and in 1961 the new Parish Hall was dedicated. In the following years, The Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School began with Preschool classes in the Parish Hall. By 1968 the school had expanded to include Kindergarten through sixth grade.

The Reverend Charles L. Taylor served as Holy Trinity Rector from 1968 until his resignation in 1973. Bishop William B. Creighton assigned Interim Priest Alexander Livesay to serve until a new minister could be selected.

In 1974, Reverend D. Thomas Andrews began his leadership of Holy Trinity. During his stay, the Day School grew and two additions were added to Parish Hall. In 1999 the Daisey Lane Campus opened bringing Day School attendance to 532 students. It is up to 600 now. Father Andrews introduced "Education for Ministry" to Holy Trinity. It has had great success and he mentored the four year course until 2001. It continues with great success under the leadership of past students turned mentors.

After 32 years of service, Reverend Andrews retired in 2006. Between the arrival of the new rector, the Rev. Leslie M. St. Louis, who was installed in June 2008, the Rev. W. Bruce McPherson and Assistant Rector Mariann Babnis served in an interim capacity.

Names prominent in the history of Prince George's County and the Bowie area in particular are readily found in the records of Holy Trinity Church and our cemetery: Ridgley, Lancaster, Duckett, Hall, Belt, Addison, Claggett, Lansdale, Bowie, Tasker, Darnell, Ogle, and many others. Oden Bowie served as a Vestry member starting in 1950 and spent 20 years as Senior Warden. In 1974 he stepped aside and became Warden Emeritus thereafter. Mr. Bowie lives nearby and still attends services.

The congregation remodeled the church in 1899 and the present sacristy and choir room were added in 1966. A photograph of Holy Trinity taken by Reverend Stanley during the Civil War Era shows the church to have changed little over the years.

Surrounding the beautiful church is our cemetery with stones dating back hundreds of years.

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
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